When MSI Spa Design arrived at our newly purchased campground, the commercial swimming pool had not been in operation for many, many years and had fallen into great disrepair. Previous contractors took one look at the site and declared it unsalvageable, a major investment would be needed.

MSI Spa Design on the other hand, realized the original pool builders method of construction and determined that integrity of pool structure was sound. Once we established that the plumbing was still usable, the old swimming pool was saved and given a second chance. MSI Spa Design saved us a major amount of money which allowed us improve other parts of the property.


Ralph Norton
Camp Hidden Valley


 A traditional Middle Eastern bathing experience consisting of a large central room with smaller attached rooms providing different levels temperatures and humidity.

Modern versions of the Hammam may involve a series of thermal rooms of increasingly elevated temperature, wherein bathing rituals often include a massage, a cooling shower or basin of cold water, massage and time spent in a relaxation lounge or similar area to cool down.

The typical experience would consist of 20min in a warm, dry room then move to a hotter steam room where the guest can receive a massage, scrub or cleansing ritual on a heated slab or table. Followed up by a cool down experience such as splashing water from the provided bowls onto the face and body.

 Modern Hammam Experience

  • Environment: Warm, dry heat. Ideal for initial relaxation and preparation for other spa treatments
  • Temperature: approximately 95 – 110°F (35 – 44°C)
  • Benefits: Stimulates blood circulation, promotes building the body’s own defenses
  • Duration: Suggested duration of stay: 15-20 minutes (warm-up), daily, to be followed by a elevated heat treatment or similar warmer experience

Modern Hammam Features

  • Custom pre-fab or site- built room with central heated ottoman, floors, seats and benches.
  • Ceramic tile or stone finishes
  • LED and Fiber Optic Starlight Illumination, Accent lighting, Cove lighting and Maintenance Service Light
  • Steam generation, Aroma Injection Systems, Audio System
  • Art: Artistic sculptures, light weight wall reliefs and panels
  • Standard Safety Features: Emergency Alert Button, Sprinklers, Ventilation

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