When MSI Spa Design arrived at our newly purchased campground, the commercial swimming pool had not been in operation for many, many years and had fallen into great disrepair. Previous contractors took one look at the site and declared it unsalvageable, a major investment would be needed.

MSI Spa Design on the other hand, realized the original pool builders method of construction and determined that integrity of pool structure was sound. Once we established that the plumbing was still usable, the old swimming pool was saved and given a second chance. MSI Spa Design saved us a major amount of money which allowed us improve other parts of the property.


Ralph Norton
Camp Hidden Valley


MSI Spa Design designs, builds, services and renovates Pools, Spas and Water Features.  We bring to your project:

  • Excellent local references – across the VA, MD and DC region
  • Customer Relations – we answer your questions, and stand by the project start to finish
  • Meet budget and timelines – we get the job done

MSI Spa Design differentiates itself from other companies because:

  • We thoroughly listen to the homeowner
  • We design to meet the size, style, function, and budget of our customer
  • We are creative and apply our expert’s 35 years designing, building and renovating
  • We remain involved in every step of the project, and communicate consistently with the homeowner

The result is the best possible pool, spa or water feature providing a beautiful setting in which to cool off and relax.

As home sizes increase and backyards trend smaller, MSI Spa Design offers unique options for homeowners:

  • Spectacular water features to provide cooling off during the hot months, but are not as extensive as a pool/spa combination

No lot is too big, nor too small, for MSI Spa Design to create a beautiful pool, spa, or water feature.  Whether you are building a new house, renovating your own, or simply ready to design a yard that provides peaceful and refreshing options, we are ready to work with:

  • You
  • Your Architect
  • Your Builder
  • Your Landscape Company

Please visit our Residential Pools and Residential Spas, and our Photo Gallery.  We look forward to meeting with you for a free consultation. Call us at (202) 957-3521 or email us at mike@msispadesign.com.

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