When MSI Spa Design arrived at our newly purchased campground, the commercial swimming pool had not been in operation for many, many years and had fallen into great disrepair. Previous contractors took one look at the site and declared it unsalvageable, a major investment would be needed.

MSI Spa Design on the other hand, realized the original pool builders method of construction and determined that integrity of pool structure was sound. Once we established that the plumbing was still usable, the old swimming pool was saved and given a second chance. MSI Spa Design saved us a major amount of money which allowed us improve other parts of the property.


Ralph Norton
Camp Hidden Valley


MSI Spa Design prides itself on exceptional knowledge of the inner workings of a pool or aquatics feature, and the ability to solve long-term operational issues that others may have missed.  MSI Spa Design can do this because we have built pools, designed and manufactured equipment, and been in numerous filtration rooms of all shapes and designs.  We are not afraid to get our hands dirty and root out a problem. The bottom line is we want your equipment to work properly and we want to save you money in the long run, by keeping your system operating efficiently and with the proper amount of resources and supplies.

  • Pool Resurfacing – Paint, Vinyl, Plaster or Patching
  • Tile and Coping – Reset and Replacement
  • Deck Replacement – Specialty Deck Coating
  • Caulking
  • Pump, Filter or Controller repair
  • General Repairs


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